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 Crystal Domi, hola@crystaldomi.com

Hola! I'm Crystal

Happy you're here! Here’s a little about me...

First and foremost, I'm a Mama of two beautiful creative young boys, Dylan and Vincent. In my life, family comes first, and they are my greatest blessing. Becoming a mom was a dream come true for me. I was told by medical professionals I wouldn't be able to conceive due to my health issues; but like most things in my life, I didn't take no for an answer. I took action into my own hands and began to manifest motherhood. I had faith that I was meant to be a mom. I am a true believer that if we have a desire or dream to be or do something, it is absolutely possible and already ours or else we wouldn't have the desire in the first place. My responsibility as a mother isn't only a wonderful blessing but it was the motivation I needed to heal my past trauma, reparent myself and find self love.

Along with family, my faith is also very important to me. Without it I wouldn't be who I am today. I believe in the infinite power of the universe, and that I hold this power within me. We are all born as powerful manifestors and we are the creators of our own reality. All we need to do is be honest and clear about what it is we truly desire. 

My desire to become a mom was easy to manifest because, I knew my whole life that I would be a mom and I never thought otherwise. Although I was passionate about creating, finding my place as a creative professional wasn't as straight forward. My passion for art has led me on a transformative journey that allowed me to mature as an artist and discover my many creative talents. ​I spent years exploring different creative professions, from a fine artist to a cake decorator, to a graphic designer and Illustrator. I enjoy them all, but none set my soul on fire.


It wasn't until I started giving workshops and connecting with other creatives that I realized my passion wasn't just to create art, but to help others. I truly enjoy holding safe spaces for other creatives, to gather and heal through the creative power of artist expression. Being a creativity coach offers me a chance to combine my love of art with my passion to help others. It brings me so much joy to see other artists bloom and embrace their own creative power.

If you are a mama who is struggling and looking for support to develop your artistic passion, send me a message using the contact form below. I’d love to help you tap into your own creative power!

I'm driven by purpose and my values of...


 Joy makes our hearts sing and helps us love the life we live. Life is so precious. So why not seek more joy in our daily life?Gratitude is a quick path to more joyful moments. 


Being curious and having an open mind allows us to thrive in the present moment. When we embrace curiosity we are free to grow and evolve. 


I'm a firm believer that love conquers all. Love is the thread that binds us all together. We were born to love and be loved. Love is a superpower.


Creativity heals and allows us to reconnect to ourselves. Living a creative life opens us up to more joy and magic.


Living an authentic life is the key to happiness. When we are honest and open to what our heart truly desires we can take steps to manifest it into our life.

What My Clients Are Saying...

Hiring Crystal was one of the best business decisions I ever made. She took dozens of my illustrations and turned them into a gorgeous, cohesive collection of scrapbook papers! She offered a bright and fresh perspective, plus her skill set gave me so much comfort and confidence! She is a rockstar designer!"

Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica

Phoenix, AZ

“I loved working with Crystal, I had an image in my head that I semi sketched for her, I gave her the emotions that I wanted people to feel when they say the image and she executed it far beyond my expectations. I can tell by her attention to detail that she really paid attention to my brands messaging. She really listened to what i wanted and made it easy to communicate on the project. I would definitely recommend her work.”  

Linda Garcia, Luz Warrior, Let There Be Luz Podcast

Los Angeles, CA

"I worked with Crystal Domi on my re-brand project for my lifestyle blog. Crystal was so attentive & professional from learning about the elements of my blog & bringing them to life. I really love how the final draft turned out & will be working with Crystal again on future projects.”

Marisa Hernandez, Lifestyle Blogger, Meximoments

San Antonio, TX

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Contact Me

Crystal Dominguez - Huntington Beach, CA 92648

hola@crystaldomi.com  |  Tel: 213-475-2501

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