Let's Create


When we are creating, we are in the present moment. We are focused on the now and able to let go of everything else. Living a creative life fills our day with more joy and magic. Whether you're a mom like me looking to foster creativity in your home or a stuck creative wanting to unleash your genius, I can help you embrace your own creativity.


"Creativity thrives in safety and love."

Let's Connect


Are you a mom looking to embrace your own creative magic? Whether you'd like help with making your artistic dreams a reality or just learning how to dive deeper into your own creativity, I'd love to work with you. Use the link above to learn more and let's connect.


I truly enjoy creating with others and helping others embrace their own creative magic. My favorite way to connect with other creatives in by giving workshops and hosting events for my Creative Comadre community. Click above to find more info on my upcoming classes.

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Having a deep sense of connection to ourselves and others allows us to thrive. As a creative mom I invite you to join our Creative Comadre community. Here you will find inspiration, encouragement and connection.

If you'd like to dive deeper the links below lead the way!